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Sarah Middelton, MA, CD (DONA), CMT comes to this work with 12 years of experience in infant and child development and family support. She is a DONA-certified birth and postpartum doula, overnight doula, licensed pregnancy massage therapist, and childbirth educator. Previous to being in this field, Sarah worked as a corporate consultant and trainer, and ropes course instructor specializing in the field of organizational change management, personal empowerment and growth. In 2006, Sarah completed her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute where much of her studies explored family systems and early childhood development.

With an interest in birth and the effect it has on parent/infant bonding, Sarah soon became interested in whole family functioning and began helping families adjust during the postpartum period. In 2000, Sarah met Angelique and began working with her as an overnight and postpartum doula assisting families with breastfeeding and sleep issues. In her work as a postpartum/overnight doula, Sarah noticed that there was a lack of information available to parents addressing the connection between infant development and sleep. There were numerous books on the various approaches to sleep, but very little on the relationship between infant sleep and essential factors such as infant temperament, developmental stages, and emotional needs.

In 2007, Sarah became a mother herself and experienced firsthand the confusion and anxiety that can come with trying to understand the sleep needs of a newborn, infant and toddler. She discovered how complex and essential the simple act of sleeping is for both child and parents. Using Angelique's techniques and suggestions, Sarah began to implement gentle sleep methods to help her daughter sleep. As Sarah saw hers and her daughter's sleep improve, she also garnered a deep appreciation for the nuances of infant and child sleeping and became committed to helping other parents.

For the past year, Sarah has trained with Angelique learning the essentials of Angelique's sleep methods and tools for helping parents of infants and children with sleep issues. Sarah likes Angelique's toolbox and collaborative approach to solving family sleep issues because "the methods are reassuring and gentle, flexible yet consistent, research based, and most importantly nurturing and connected." Sarah is now available to work with families and you can meet her at Angelique's classes and lectures.

As a mother of a 3 year old and a newborn, Sarah navigates the crooked path of motherhood, and continues to be amazed by the many turns, challenges, and moments of deep gratitude that it can bring. It is by far the richest time in her life…and, the most challenging.

For questions related to infant sleep, you can contact Sarah directly by emailing her at




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